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Volume 46, Issue 2
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Symposium: The Future of the Federal Courts William H. Rehnquist, Sarah Evans Barker, Charles W. Nihan, Edward R. Becker, Stephen Reinhardt, Claudio Grossman, and Ira P. Robbins
Conference: Welcoming Remarks Claudio Grossman
The Internet: The Law Firm Technology of the Future Rosemary Shiels
Actual and Potential Attorney Use of the Internet John M. Kuttler
Concerns Regarding Attorney Use of the Internet Mark H. Hellman
Connecting Law Students and Lawyers Through the Internet and Online Services Eleanor Kerlow
The Shape of the Internet in the Twenty-First Century Thomas R. Bruce
Freedom v. Restrictions on the Internet Ronald Plesser
Doing Business on the Internet Clifford J. Brody
The Impact of the Internet on the Development of Law Jon E. Klemens
Appendix: Participants Law Review
The Global Legal Information Network ("GLIN") Nabil R. Adam, Burton I. Edelson, Tarek A. El-Ghazawi, Milton Halem, Konstantinos Kalpakis, Nick J. Kozura, Rubens Medina, and Yelena Yesha
Demystifying U.S. Encryption Export Controls James B. Altman & William McGlone
International Harmonization in Electronic Commerce and Electronic Data Interchange: A Proposed First Step Toward Signing on the Digital Dotted Line Randy V. Sabett
COMMENT: The Responsible Corporate Officer, Criminal Liability, and Mens Rea: Limitations on the RCO Doctrine Cynthia H. Finn
Technology Update: Attorneys' Use of Computers in the Nation's 500 Largest Law Firms Rosemary Shiels
COMMENT: Death by Textualism: The NLRB's "Incidental to Patient Care" Supervisory Status Test for Charge Nurses Edwin A. Keller, Jr.