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Volume 62, Issue 4
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FOREWARD: The Tariff and the Patent: A New Intersection Hon. Jimmy V. Renya
Testing the Limits of Trade Law and Rationality: The GPX Case and Subsidies in Non-Market Economies Elliot J. Feldman & John J. Burke
2012 Patent Law Decisions of the Federal Circuit Robert J. Smyth, David P. Bernstein, Adam D. Brooke, Rudolph Fink IV, Nicholas J. Kim, Janice H. Lee, Rachael Lea Leventhal, David V. Sanker, Mark J. Sullivan, & Yalei Sun
2012 International Trade Law Decisions of the Federal Circuit John R. Magnus & Sheridan S. McKinney
2012 Trademark Law Decisions of the Federal Circuit Molly R. Silfen, Jason W. Melvin, & Andrew E. Renison
2012 Government Contract Law Decisions of the Federal Circuit Matthew H. Solomson, L. Misha Prehein, Ellen M. Lynch, Laura J. Mitchell Baker, Christine Daya, Matthew Gravens, & Emily Patterson
Fresh Eyes on Persistent Issues: Veterans Law at the Federal Circuit in 2012 James D. Ridgway
AFTERWORD: Addressing the Elephant: The Potential Effects of the Patent Cases Pilot Program and Leahy-Smith America Invents Act Hon. Randall R. Rader