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Volume 29, Issue 2
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Institute on State and Local Taxation - Introduction Janet R. Spragens and Byron L. Dorgan
Can Tax Policy Be Used To Stimulate Economic Development? Richard D. Pomp, Sandra Kanter, Kenneth D. Simonson, Roger Vaughan
Business Taxation and Public Opinion Byron L. Dorgan, Vic Fingerhut, John S. Schafer
The Effects of Tax and Spending Limitations on the Formation of Business Tax Policy Richard A. Musgrave, Belden H. Daniels, Robert L. Kuttner, James M. Savarese, and Kirk West
How State and Local Tax Policy Is Formed: Theory and Practice Sandra Kanter, Byron L. Dorgan, and Andrew M. Reschovsky
Natural Resource Taxation Denise DiPasquale, Ann R. Markusen, Ronald G. Pearson, and Theodore Reynolds Smith
The Local Taxation of Business Nonna A. Noto, Robert D. Ebel, and Margaret C. Simms
Business Property Taxation: Assessment, Inventory Tax, Replacement Revenue, and Tax Shifts Jonathan A. Rowe, Oliver Oldman, and Matthew S. Watson
The Incidence of Business Taxation Richard A. Musgrave and Dean Tipps
Provocative Proposals for Improving the State and Local Taxation of Business Jerry Goldberg, Eugene Corrigan, Gerald J. Holtz, Peggy B. Musgrave, and Oliver Oldman
Tax Administration and Enforcement Eugene Corrigan, Peggy B. Musgrave, Martin Huff, P.J. DiQuinzio, Ferdinand P. Schoettle, and Frederick P. Cappetta